Hello, and thank you for visiting! Even though this page is titled “About” [me], it really is all about how I can help you, the self-publishing/indie author. If you stumble over grammar rules or would rather ignore that pesky punctuation, I am your go-to gal. Want to be sure that your characters’ eye/hair/skin color stays the same from chapter to chapter? I can make that happen. Or are you wrestling with meatier issues, such as avoiding worldbuilding info dumps, or hoping that your plot holes are covered, or making sure your pacing doesn’t tempt your readers to put your book down? I can break it all down for you.

I have a background in clinical pharmacy which solidified my already meticulous attention to detail. In the course of satisfying my voracious appetite for reading and reviewing books, a couple of authors contacted me after reading my reviews, asking for help in polishing their story. The rest is history, as they say. I’ve since honed my editing skills and have worked on numerous books in the genre I love, fantasy/science fiction. I also wrote for the award-winning fantasy blog, fantasy-faction.com, for several years. Currently, I write reviews for Publishers Weekly in between polishing soon-to-be gemstones.

Every writer’s voice is unique, and I will strive to maintain your distinctiveness. Publishing can be an intimidating but exciting venture. I would be honored to partner with you on that journey.

Josephine L. Hao