Seeds of the Yew
, Tony Torzillo

One Good Dragon Deserves Another, Rachel Aaron

The Light Bringer’s Way, C.F. Fruzzetti, M.I. Pearsall

Light Keeper’s Flame, C.F. Fruzzetti, M.I. Pearsall

The Crown Princess, Monica Jorgensen

The Leviathanic Histories, J.D. Camacho

Bound to the Abyss, James R. Vernon

Descent Into Darkness, James R. Vernon

Enemies and Allies, James R. Vernon

Shadows of Home, James R. Vernon

Horrors, Inc., James R. Vernon

Hunt for Justice: A Bounty Earned, James R. Vernon

Essex/Tango, Gabriel Taveras

The Wish Thief, Carol Deanna Verhoff

Triumph of the Spirit, David Pilarski

The Last Detective, Brian Cohn

Phaethon, Rachel Sharp

Chimera, Susan Kuchinskas

How to Become the Plug, Yasmine Mendez

Life and Leisure in Early Los Angeles, 1860 – 1910, Deke Keasbey

We Wore Blue and I Wore Gray, G. L. Coleman

Get Customers: Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business, Joshua Harrell

Nesta, Mamie Belle-Tower

Savages, L. K. Marsh

Calling All of My Power Back to Me, Ataana Badilli

One Degree, A Historical Medical Mystery, Gus Kappler, MD

Here By Assignment: The Reverend Archie Ivy Story, Charles Taylor

A Hopeful Heart, Daily Prayers and Encouragement While Hoping for Pregnancy, Alison Joy Hunt

The Accounting Certification Juggernaut, Jeffrey Barnes

A Life Transformed: Finding Strength Within to Survive Profound Loss, Janna Forsgren

Feedback, Shanita Williams

Through Their Eyes – An Empathetic Sales Professional’s Guide to Success, Mike Drake

Roar: Ten Simple and Easy Methods on How to Be Successful in Public Speaking, Mike Harris

Veiled Allegiance, Chad Ternent

We the People, Mark A. Buzzotta

Serving Success: How to Strengthen Yourself and Your Wealth, Patricia Ghany

White Demagogue, Jim Tsukagoshi

Retire One With Self, Retire One With Life – Ten Lessons Learned Along the Journey, William S. Palmer, PhD

Commodore Reigart Bolivar Lowry, William F. McClintock, Jr.

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