A Shameless Plug (or a Mother’s Pride)

​There is nothing like seeing the talent in your child’s writing to make an editor mom’s heart burst with pride. My 11-year-old is doing a weekly writing exercise for school to improve his writing skills. Today, he started his fanfiction story based on one of his favorite video games,The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I will post it ​here as he writes it. Keep in mind, this is unedited. Only some minor formatting was done for easier reading.

​Zelda and the Twilight Princess

Link ran through the field of grass heading toward the hyrule castle. He could see the door. He eventually got there and touched the door handle. He turned it, but it was locked. He tried banging it with his foot, only to be rewarded with a sharp pain in his leg. He staggered painfully, until………

     “Link! Wake up! I need help gathering the goats!” a voice said.

      Then, suddenly as it came, Link was back in his own cabin lying down on a comfortable mattress. Someone was calling his name.

      “Link!” the voice said again, this time a little louder.

       The pain in his leg was caused by him smacking his leg into the wooden wall of his cabin. He looked out the window to see Fray standing outside his cabin.

      “Come on Link! It’s time for your daily herding! “

       Link sighed. That was all he did every day. He wished for some adventure. Link lived in a village called Ordan Village. It had a waterwheel, some goats, pumpkins, houses, and a small lake. The village by itself wasn’t very big, but sometimes, the little kids would go out and play for a while before going back home for the night. Even though, Link always dreamed about him getting to places. He just wished for some action.

        “Hey,” said Fray. “Where’s Epona? “

         What? Link thought. Epona was actually Link’s horse. It would never run away without permission. Besides, he can’t herd goats without Epona! Link climbed down his bed onto the ladder, then opened the door. He climbed down the second ladder and saw that Epona was gone.

       “Better hurry up and find her,” Fray said. “It’s almost dawn.”

       Link went to the passage to the village, but was stopped by Fray. “I didn’t see Epona in that area,” he said. “It’s probably somewhere around here.” Link knew that the only other way was the passage that led to the Ordan spring. The spring had a enchanted feel to the water, and would heal anything that touched the water, but Epona wouldn’t go there right? Link went to the passage anyway. He walked through the winding trees ahead of him, and went sharply to the left where the spring was. Then he opened the gate to it. He then saw that Epona was in the spring, with the childhood friend, Lisa.

       “Hey Link,” she said softly. “I cleaned Epona for you.”

        Link found himself smiling. Lisa had a liking for his horse Epona. In fact, every day she would see how it’s doing and would do anything if it was hurt, sad, angry, what else.

       “Epona should be ready for your herding,” Lisa said. “I think you should go and start now. I’ll stay here and lie down.”

       Link nodded his thanks, then mounted Epona.

      “Take care!” Lisa said.

       Link waved, then he headed back to Ordan. Once he got there, Fray greeted him.

      “So you found her! Great work. Let’s get started, then you can start your sword training with Rusl after you finish.”

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