Link and the Battle with Ganondorf – Part 2

Link headed towards Ordan Farm. After finding Epona in the spring, Link decided to visit the children on the way to the farm. A boy named Colin was very fond of Link and liked to watch him practice his sword skills. Mallo, also a young boy, had an interest with the shop Lizzy’s mom opened up. Lizzy just liked to hang around, and Link would often find her going for a walk around the village. Marco, Mallo’s older brother, wanted to learn Link’s sword skills, and perhaps even practice it on Link! Despite all that, all of the children thought of Link as an adventurer (well, at least they pretend he is) and are very fond of him.

    “Hey Link!” Colin shouted when Link passed through.

    Link waved, then continued on his way. After a few horse gallops, he started to hear chuckling. Link looked around, and then turned back. Once he reached the entrance to the farm, Mallo and Marco jumped up from the bushes and shouted “Surprise!” Link, of course, was not at all surprised. They did this to him every day attempting to scare him. This was not scary but more funny, in a way. Link laughed then opened the gates to the farm. The field was filled with goats, obviously not a good way to start.

    Fray was waiting for him there, just leaning on the fences. Fray smiled and motioned for him to come. Link rode on his horse over to him.

    “Okay, Link,” Fray said. “Time to get cracking. I want to see if you can break your record of herding all twenty goats in less than your last time of one minute and 47 seconds. If you can, I’ll pay you 10 rupees, just for today. If not, that’s okay. You’ll still get a prize.

    Link nodded then started when Fray blew his whistle. Link whooped, and rode toward the goats. They scattered towards the barn, and Link herded seven goats in. Then he started again, this time with nine goats in. Then he whooped again and headed toward the last four goats. Once he got them all in, he went to Fray to see what his score was.

   “Great job, Link. That’s a new score of one minute and 20 seconds. Here’s your payment.” And he gave Link a single yellow rupee. “Take care!” Fray shouted. “And thanks for all your help!”

     Link smiled and waved then urged Epona to gallop toward his house. Everyone was inside their houses to settle in for the night. Once he got there, he dismounted, climbed up the ladder, and opened the door. He climbed up another ladder to get to his bed. Then he lay down and slowly fell asleep.

    Link woke up again to find somebody calling his name. He looked out the window to find that it was morning. Marco, Mallo, and Lizzy were all standing outside.

   “Hey Link!” Marco shouted. “Come down! We’ve been waiting for hours!”

   “Don’t exaggerate, Marco,” Lizzy said. “Anyway, come on down Link!”

    Link nodded and headed down the ladder. Halfway down, he jumped the rest of the way and opened the door. Link jumped down the second ladder, skipping it entirely. As soon as he touched the ground, Marco started talking.

  “Hey guys, have you heard the news? Lizzy’s mom has a new item on sale, and it’s a slingshot! I’m really trying to get it, but I can’t convince my mom to buy it for me.”

  “Then why don’t you buy it yourself then?” Lizzy asked.

  “I don’t have enough money,” Marco said. “That dang thing is so expensive!”

  “Then why don’t you save up your allowance to buy it?”

  “But I don’t get much allowance every month,” Mallo murmured.“Oh sheesh.”

  “Well then, it’s too bad for you guys,” Lizzy said. “Actually buy it when you have enough. Anyway, see ya later, Link.” And she went down the path to Ordan Village.

  “Bye, Link,” Mallo said, and he too went to Ordan.

  “Hey Link?” Said Marco. “If you ever get enough money, try buying it for me, okay?” And he raced down the path.

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