Link and the Battle with Ganondorf – Part 3

As Link entered the area, a tall and skinny man named Barlen greeted him as he went.

     “Hey Link,” he said. “Gonna collect some livestock for the day? Today’s the day you get the food and process it to others, so make sure you do that. Oh, and by the way, you see that bee hive over there?” he said with a little edge to his voice. “I’m trying to get rid of it so people don’t get stung, but every time I go up there, they sting me. So let me know if you have a way to get rid of those critters, okay? I’d be much happier,” and with that he walked away.

     Link looked at the bee hive. The hive was enormous, at least four times as big as a normal bee hive should be, and bees were crawling all over it. A set of vines led to it to climb, but that would only make the situation worse. Link decided to get rid of it later and headed towards  Ordan Farm. Link had only taken about two steps towards his destination when he heard Marco’s voice.

     “Hey guys, look at what I found!”

     Link looked around to see that Marco, Lizzy, and Mallo were all crowded around a patch of grass. Marco then pulled out something that looked like a blue jewel.

     “I found a rupee! Yay! That’s money for the slingshot! It looks like a blue one. I wonder how much it’s worth.”

      “Hey, I wanted that!” said Mallo.

      “Hmph, that’s all you guys ever talk about,” Lizzy said, rolling her eyes. “The slingshot, the slingshot, the slingshot. I mean, come on, you’ve been talking about that all day. Think of buying something else, for crying out loud.”

     Link, who had been listening to this, chuckled to himself. Then he continued on his way to the farm. When he arrived, Fray greeted him with the same usual “hey there buddy! Are you ready to work” and stuff like that. Once he gathered all the livestock, Fray jumped in.

     “Uh, not to mention, but I found this red rupee. Go ahead and take it. Thanks for all your hard work.” And with that, he went inside the barn. Link, on the other hand, was thinking about the slingshot. He realized that he might have exactly enough to buy it. He thought about how much fun Marco might have with it, and how badly he wanted it. So Link set off towards Lizzy’s house to buy it.

     After reaching the house, he knocked on the door. A tired voice answered, “Come in!” Link entered through the door and found that Lizzy’s mom was standing behind a countertop. Behind her were shelves of lantern oil, milk, fish bait, and other supplies. Link found the slingshot out of the corner of his eye. Lizzy’s mom looked exhausted, slumped on the countertop. She looked at Link with a kind but tired look.

     “Oh, are you here to buy something? Sorry, but I’m just too exhausted to do any service right now. You know my cat, right? I’ve been chasing her out of the house and is often by the lake. Every time I come near, she runs away, then comes back to the lake. I’m not sure what she wants. She’s like a hypnotized cat, staring into the water, as if trying to get something. I’m sorry, Link, but I can’t do anything right now.”

     Link nodded in understanding and left the house. As soon as he stepped out, he heard someone call his name.

     “Link! Link!”

     He looked over to see Colin waving to him. 

     “Link! I just finished a project I want you to have! Come on!” And he raced toward his house. Link followed. When he reached it, he saw Colin holding some long stick in his hands.

     “This is a fishing rod I made! Although my dad did the painting. I want you to have it. It’s what our family sometimes does, and I want you to try it out. You can also catch more rare species of fish with bait. Anyway, have fun with it!” And he went back inside his house.

     Then at once, Link knew the obstacle. If his guess was true, Lizzy’s cat might be wanting to catch a fish. If that was the case, he could use the fishing rod to catch a fish with it, and have the cat take it, and return to her house with it. This might re-energize Lizzy’s mom, and she could let link buy the slingshot! Link, in a hurry, went to the lake to start catching.

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